Boris Becker Germany

Boris Becker
born on November, 22nd, 1967 in Leimen, Germany, living in Monte Carlo
49 single titles, 15 double titles, career price money USD 25,079,456

Player description in FMT-booklet:
Serve and stroke are powerful. Serve is No.1

Niels' opinion on Boris Becker:
With the best serve of all he is a challenge for everyone, especially on the fast courts.

Florian's opinion on Boris Becker:
Boris Becker, the first thing I think about is his serve - it is like a rocket! On the other hand this serve is that great that you just have a slight chance to return it with weaker an slower players. I love to play serve and volley with Boris or battle in long baseline duels - because of his great strokes this is no problem as well!