Ivan Lendl Czechoslowakia (after 1992: USA)

Ivan Lendl
born on March, 7th, in Ostrau, Czechoslowakia, living in Goshen, CT
94 single titles, 4 doubles titles, career price money USD 21,262,417

Player descripion in FMT-booklet:
Powerful, stroke and serve are No.1

Niels' oponion on Ivan Lendl:
His faultless and extremly hard strokes, especially forehand strokes, are a guarantee for victories against every opponent.

Florian's opinion on Ivan Lendl:
Wow, Ivan Lendl! I do not like playing with him that much, as his only weakness - the volleys - do not fit to my way of playing, but I dislike much more to play against him. His strokes are incredible and did destroy many of my plays and made me loose my head!