John McEnroe USA

John McEnroe
born on February, 16th, 1959 in Wiesbaden, Germany, living in New York
75 singles titles, 35 doubles titles, carreer price money USD 12,539,622

Player description in FMT-Booklet:
South-paw (left-handed player), Net play is No.1

Niels' opinion on John McEnroe:
He is nearly just able to make the points at the net, there he is the best one depending volleys of all kind.

Florian's opinion on John McEnroe:
Serving (a great serve!), running to the net whatever happens (if you can call that "running", he is quite slow) and hoping to catch the volley and make the point - this is the kind of play you HAVE TO play with McEnroe. For playing at the baseline, he is simply to slowly. So we have tight results very often, as John wins his serve as well as his opponent.