Mats Wilander Sweden

born on August, 22nd, 1964 in Vaxjo, Sweden
33 singles titles, 6 doubles titles, carreer price money USD 7,976,256

Player description in FMT-Booklet:
Any ball can be returned with Top Spin. So, all player feel as a wall against him.

Niels' opinion on Mats Wilander:
Very good foodwalk, with which he breaks the opponents with high topspin balls again and again.

Florian's opinion on Mats Wilander:
As I prepare a net attack with constant baseline play in my way of playing, I should like facing Mats Wilander. But I do not. I often think that I have played a great ball to prepare my play at the net, but then the fast Swedish player returns the ball and makes a great topspin-passing shot. On the other hand it is much more diffucult to win against him if you stay at the baseline. Against him I had serveral tight matches!