Final Match Tennis, the site for fans
of the best tennis game ever!

Die Final Match Tennis Tour comes back!

A first tournament will be held near Berne, Switzerland, on 8th September 2012 - infos soon!
Additionally, there will be a tournament in Leverkusen in late 2012

History of


The company NEC is founded
1978 The Webmasters of this site are born
1980's Human is founded


1987 The praised company NEC present the greatest video game ever- the PC-Engine
3/1/1991 Final Match Tennis is published in Japan

The site's history

August 1991 Webmaster Niels "Ivan" Assenmacher gets "Final Match Tennis". From then on he is fascinated by this game.
1999 While Niels is still improving his play and defeats hardly all opponents, also Florian Büchting got infected by the PC-Engine-virus.
12/7/1999 The great moment for Florian: he gets his PC-Engine (Core Graphx II SCART). Of course, with the console there has been delivered "Final Match Tennis", the first HuCard to enter his Engine!
6/7/2000 Meanwhile, "Final Match Tennis" makes Florian play long PC Engine-sessions, too. He gets the idea to order the URL and to praise the game. Niels is filled with enthusiasm and shares the project.
6/12/2000 Florian starts making first design studies for
6/14/2000 The big moment: the "holy URL" is ordered
6/15/2000 Based on the first design studies the design of the site is fixed in Sankt Augustin near Bonn, Germany. Florian returns with masses of papers in his home-town Clausthal.
6/19/2000 Florian is surprised by the fast work of the provider "Puretec": the URL is allowd, but the site is far away from being completed. Nightshifts seem to dominate the next days :-)
6/21/2000 Short after 11 p.m. there comes the great moment: the site is ONLINE!! Hopefully the nightshifts are worth it!
6/25/2000 All pages have been gifted with headers and the page starts great. We already got our first awards, so we made an award-page.
7/27/2000 After huge protest we honestly promise to make a new webmasters-picture :-)
8/1/2000 After Florian got back from his holidays in Sweden, he starts working on new projects. The first new thing: the Final Match Tennis Gold Award!
8/3/2000 The stregth table is online.
8/4/2000 Another nightshift makes the site available in English!!!
8/6/2000 We are com-ming! From now on we also are available at

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