Table of strengths

Opionions and commentary on the players are surely a good thing, but when you play, you need statistics which tell the player at first glance which are the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent. This is table is made by Niels and is now available for public.
The service speeds are estimated regarding other tennis games.
You will find comments on the table above.

Rank: Ranking in the World ranking
1st Serve/2nd Serve: Speed of first/second serve
FH: Forehand, BH: Backhand, Speed: Footwalk speed
Ranking levels : A: Very good/Compelling, B: Good/Stable/Standart, C: Below Avarage/Standart, D: Weakness/Deficit/Fiasco, +/- for exact technique survey
Player Ranking 1st Serv 2nd Serv FH BH Volley Speed
Ivan Lendl 1 206 km/h 168 km/h A+ A+ D B
Boris Becker 2 219 km/h 176 km/h A- B+ B+ B
Michael Chang 4 186 km/h 154 km/h A A B- B+
Mats Wilander 6 186 km/h 154 km/h A- A- C+ B+
Kevin Curren 11 183 km/h 157 km/h C+ B B B-
Pavel Slozil 14 186 km/h 154 km/h B- C+ B- D+
Guillermo Vilas 12 178 km/h 154 km/h A- A- C+ C
Ken Rosewall 16 156 km/h 149 km/h C C B+ D
Stefan Edberg 3 202 km/h 168 km/h B+ A+ B+ B
John McEnroe 10 191 km/h 163 km/h C- C- A+ D
Andre Agassi 5 183 km/h 157 km/h A A+ C+ B-
Jimmy Connors 15 156 km/h 149 km/h C+ B- C D
Miloslav Mecir 7 186 km/h 154 km/h B B- B- A
Henri Leconte 13 195 km/h 163 km/h B B+ B C
Bjorn Borg 8 178 km/h 154 km/h C+ C+ C A
Rod Laver 9 156 km/h 149 km/h B- B- B- B+